Optimum Nutrtion WATER JUG
      • Optimum Nutrtion WATER JUG

      Optimum Nutrtion WATER JUG 1.8 L.

      15,90 €
      We know you're thirsty! Why not get your healthy daily water intake from one easy-to-carry 1.8L bottle? 
      The Optimum Nutrition Water Bottle will save you several trips to the water cooler so you have more time to work on your fitness. 
      The Optimum Nutrition Water Bottle provides a litter-free alternative to plastic bottles. It's inexpensive and perfect for eco-conscious consumers. Get rehydrated while doing your part to preserve our beautiful planet! Optimum Nutrition is delighted to be able to offer this product that is made from a material that is completely reusable and recyclable!
      What is so good about Optimum Nutrition's Water Jug?
      BPA free
      FDA approved and NSF 51 certified
      Perfect for gyms, hiking, and is even convenient for the office
      We do not recommend freezing the bottle because the expanding water could crack it. However, the 48mm mouth is large enough to fit ice cubes.
      Please Note
      When closing the lid please ensure its on the right thread and closed tightly, otherwise, some leakage may occur.  There is a silicone ring inside the lid, if the lid takes a knock it may fall out and the lid won't seal properly.  These bottles are not like your average water bottle, if you drop the bottle from a height with liquid inside they will break!    
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