EVOLITE ISOGAINZ 4000 gr

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      EVOLITE IsoGainz - 4000g 
      Fast muscle mass build
      High quality carbohydrates
      Diversified time of protein absorption
      Sweetened only with sucralose
      Very low fat content
      Many great flavors to choose from
      3 protein fractions, muscle mass gain
      IsoGainz is a great carbohydrate-protein complex, the composition of which is based on low-sugar maltodextrin and three fractions of whey proteins: hydrolyzate, isolate and concentrate. This composition will help you increase the rate of muscle gain. In addition, the Evolite IsoGainz conditioner exhibits very good solubility in water, which means that you will not be bothered eating this product. It is an ideal measure for ectomorphics, for which muscle mass is a challenge - with this conditioner it is definitely easier.
      Evolite IsoGainz is a complete and multi-constituent nutrient that will give your body everything you need to ensure that you gain muscle mass quickly enough. With each portion of the product (100 grams) you deliver 410 calories to your body - including as much as 73.35 grams of full-value carbohydrates, as well as 21.5 grams of protein. A portion (100 grams) of nutrient contains only 0.07 grams of fat.
      Conditioner was created in many flavors to meet the expectations of each person who will use it. Evolite IsoGainz is a supplement that shows not only great action, but also its consumption is pure pleasure - and as you know, when training is accompanied by well-being, then we are able to give more.
      Glycogen as fuel for your muscles
      The presence of a hydrolyzate and isolate in the nutrient Evolite has a positive effect on replenishing glycogen stores in your body - this happens due to the action of these two fractions of whey proteins - they stimulate the secretion of insulin, which promotes the conversion of hydrolyzate or whey isolate to glycogen.
      Because glycogen is your natural fuel for your muscles, it's worth taking care to have the right supply in your body. Because it is a kind of fuel, the glycogen level naturally decreases during training, and you start to feel muscle fatigue. To be able to influence this phenomenon, you only need to take one serving (100 grams) a day of nutrient specially prepared for people like you.
      Considering the ratio of the amount of fat to carbohydrates and proteins, you can be sure that the use of this conditioner will not disturb your diet, but will only positively affect the acceleration of muscle mass gain. Thanks to this supplement you will start to draw 100% from each workout. In addition, know that Evolite IsoGainz also supports post-workout regeneration, which means that you will not only get better results during exercise, but also take care of your muscles.
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