NAPALM Igniter Shot 120 ml

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      NAPALM. Igniter Shot. Food supplement

      Serving size: ¼ Ampoule (30 ml); Servings per container: 4
      Amount in:30 ml90 ml
      Beta-alanine800 mg2400 mg
      Taurine500 mg1500 mg
      Caffeine100 mg300 mg
      Glucuronolactone62,5 mg187,5 mg
      Choline bitartrate62,5 mg187,5 mg
      of which choline25,6 mg76,8 mg
      γ -aminobutyric acid (GABA)62,5 mg187,5 mg
      L-theanine25 mg75 mg
      L-tryptophan25 mg75 mg
      Korean ginseng root extract25 mg75 mg
      Ashwagandha root extract25 mg75 mg
      of which withanolide glycosides0,38 mg1,14 mg
      Ginkgo biloba leaves extract20 mg60 mg
      Rhodiola rosea root extract12,5 mg37,5 mg
      of which polyphenols5,6 mg16,8 mg
      of which salidrosides0,13 mg0,39 mg
      Niacin12,5 mg NE (78% RWS)37,5 mg NE (234% RWS)
      Vitamin B60,35 mg (25% RWS)1,05 mg (75% RWS)

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