Mutant Mega Mug (Red) 2.6 L

      18,00 €

      Mega Mug Massive 2.6 L 

      Mega Mug Massive 2.6 L 
      High quality spout prevents leaks Better ergonomic design – feels better for easier drinking Better lid design, for easier .
      Just when you thought things were as big as they could get, we take it to the next level, again. 
      Introducing the MUTANT MEGA MUG 2.6 L. This massive jug is designed with the most hardcore in mind. 
      It's aggressive and rugged, with a transparent black design highlighted with a bold and bright Leave Humanity Behind logo. 
      Durable high quality spout and cap to prevent leaks and handle the high volume you'll be pouring through this jug for hundreds of workouts to come.
      You take your hydration very seriously. 
      Whether it's full of ice water, or BCAAs, it's a huge part of the planning and packing you do for the gym each day. 

      Well, it's hard to make more of a statement than this. You have to have everything you need and that means you need the MUTANT MEGA MUG 2.6 L. Chug-a-lug!


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